New Distributor Portal

BrittDistributor News

We are excited to announce the launch our new customer portal effective 11/23/2016. We will turn off the old system and convert over to the new system overnight. Navigation to the new portal will remain the same as you are used to: visiting and steering to the “Distributors” button.

Your experience will improve with additional access to information including pallet size by SKU, order history, customer balances, and more. You can place an order in two ways:

  • Using the “Create a Quote” – this link will function most effectively after you get a comfort level using product numbers. They will be much faster to find and order the exact beer and package type you are seeking
  • Using the “Submit Quote” – Scroll through the catalog to find new product lines as they become available.

For our “Big Mo”series we will turn these SKU’s on when they become available to order. For seasonal beers; our current process will be to allocate the quantities to your respective sales backlog based on the annual business plan.

Once an order is placed, our distribution manager will receive it via our ERP system – Orchestrated Beer.  After placing of the order, any necessary order changes must be communicated to

If at any time have questions, below are the best points of contact at Left Hand to help you.

Distribution Manager, Eric Carter: Extension 108

POS Orders, Kitty Vant: Extension 136

Order System, Mark Boelman: Extension 105

Open Balances, Allison Dyer: Extension 131